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Micro-workouts are magically effective

Micro Workouts Are Magically Effective

Micro-workouts are magically effective for so many reasons.

Micro workouts take away the excuse factor since you can do them almost anywhere and anytime. So, whether you are sitting at a desk all day or on your feet all day, this approach to fitness works perfectly for everyone.

It allows you to save time because you don’t need to allocate a part of your day for a full workout. Additionally, the recovery time is much less.

You will burn calories. Several high intense mini-workouts throughout the day can burn as many calories as a longer light-moderate intensity session.

It will help prevent muscle atrophy. Have you ever heard the saying “use it or lose it”? Muscle atrophy can occur from a lack of physical activity. In contrast, performing mini exercises throughout the day can prevent and even reverse muscle atrophy.

Furthermore, you can gain strength with bodyweight-focused exercising. Regardless of your fitness level, you can benefit from calisthenics. Since the difficulty of each exercise can progressively increase as you get stronger, calisthenics is effective for all fitness levels.

It can also save you money since you don’t need to invest in any equipment or even a gym. In other words, the exercises are doable at home, in the office, and in just about any place.

Since the benefits drastically outweigh the effort required, micro workouts are magically effective.


What is a micro workout?

A micro-workout is a short intense burst of physical activity. It can be as small as 1-2 minutes.

For example, imagine yourself sitting at a desk for hours. You’ll likely begin to feel achy and/or lethargic. Now, what if you were to stand up approximately every hour and perform a quick 1-2 minute exercise or even stretch? It is likely those achy, lethargic feelings will subside, and your energy level will increase.

Incorporating micro workouts into your day, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle, can improve your health. Simply because those long extended sitting sessions would be broken up.



Is a 2-minute micro workout too good to be true?

No, it is not too good to be true and there is a science to back it.

One study by the European Journal of Applied Physiology revealed an interesting result.
They demonstrated how performing mini-workouts or sprint snacks as they called it, throughout the day can provide health benefits.
They determined the effectiveness of micro workouts compared to traditional workout methods where the exercises are grouped into a single session had similar improvements to cardiorespiratory fitness.



The micro-workout fitness trend is rapidly growing

There are hundreds of articles available discussing the same information about micro-workouts presented here. If that doesn’t

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