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Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Scientific 7-Minute Workout

It has been nearly a decade since originally going viral in The New York Times. Impressively the Scientific 7-Minute Workout is still recognized as one of the most effective exercise routines.

Life is already busy, and finding time for a workout can be difficult. Likewise, prioritizing fitness typically loses focus. However, it is likely you can spare 7 minutes.

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout is the quickest way to get in shape. It’s also the easiest way to stay in the best shape of your life. Furthermore, it requires no equipment.


How It Works

The entire workout program consists of 12 exercises organized into 4 major muscle groups (cardio, lower body, upper body, core). Then it will target each group 3 times.

So performing 12 exercises for 30 seconds each with 10 second rests between bouts works out to approximately 7 minutes.

With calisthenics, you use your entire body. The resistance is your own body weight, so you can do it anywhere.

Is a 7-minute workout enough? Yes. A quick 12 exercise workout routine performing each exercise for 30 seconds with 10-second rest intervals works!

Questionably it sounds easy because it is only 7 minutes, however, it should not feel easy. Since the workout compresses all of the exercises into such a short amount of time, the effort should be intense.

Surprisingly its design is so effective, that one should not do it every day.¬†Nevertheless, it is beneficial to allow a day’s rest for recovery in between resistance training.

This workout is great for all fitness levels because you can repeat it 2-3 times. With this in mind, 1 time is enough for me.


Workout Exercises


1. Jumping Jacks

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Jumping Jacks

Targets: Total Body


2. Wall Sit

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Wall-Sit

Targets: Lower Body (quads, hamstrings, glutes)


3. Push-Up

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Push Up

Targets: Upper Body (chest, shoulders, triceps, abs)


4. Abdominal Crunch

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Abdominal Crunch

Targets: Core (abs)


5. Step-Up Onto Chair

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Step Up Onto Chair

Targets: Total Body (quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs)


6. Squat

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Squat

Targets: Lower Body (quads, hamstrings, glutes)


7. Triceps Dip On Chair

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Triceps Dip On Chair

Targets: Upper Body (triceps, abs)


8. Plank

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Plank

Targets: Core (abs, arms, glutes)


9. High Knees Running In Place

Scientific 7-Minute Workout High Knees Running In Place

Targets: Total Body (legs, abs)


10. Lunge

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Lunge

Targets: Lower Body (quads, hamstrings, glutes)


11. Push-Up And Rotation

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Push Up And Rotation

Targets: Upper Body (abs, chest, glutes, shoulders, triceps)


12. Side Plank

Scientific 7-Minute Workout Side Plank

Targets: Core (obliques, hips, arms)


Scientific Research

The 7-Minute Workout is scientifically proven to work effectively and efficiently. The science is backed by the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) research. Correspondingly it is discussed further in their Health and Fitness Journal.

Incredibly HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can improve health markers. It is also a fast and efficient way to lose excess body weight/fat!

They recommend stretching afterward as well.


Questions and Answers

Does it burn fat? Yes, this workout includes aerobic exercises which will improve weight loss and burn fat.

Does it improve strength? Yes, all major muscle groups throughout the body are targeted and will build strength.

Does it cost anything? No, this workout can be done on your own in the comfort of your own home. In fact, listed below are our favorite free home workout apps designed around the 7-Minute Workout program.

Does it require any equipment? No, The 7-Minute Workout uses your own body weight as resistance. However, you will need a chair or something sturdy to step up onto.

Can it be done at home? Yes, all exercises can be done in an average size room.

Is it good for beginners? Yes, with the help of an Android or iOS app that offers different levels of intensity.


Our Favorite Free Home Workout Apps

Google Play Store for Android: 7 Minute HIIT Home Workout

Apple App Store: 7 Minute Workout: Fitness App

Or from any web browser, you can follow along with this YouTube 7 Minute Workout video.




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